Our Virtual Stroll of Stamford - Continued
The Station to St. Martins's
St. Martin's to St. Mary's
St. Mary's to St Georges
St. Georges to St. Michaels
St. Michaels to St. Augustans
St. Augustans to All Saints
All Saints to the Station

St. Martin's to St. Mary's

The old town bridge, built on the site of the medieval bridge.

Look West from the bridge and see the weeping willow garding the meadows.

Look east and you will see the iron bridge.

As you look up St. Mary's Hill you will see the fine view of St. Mary's Church.

The Town Hall.

St. Mary's Church. - Look at this steeple. In Stamford this church is thought to be the the "mother" church. The tower and spire are stunning. A large 14th century tower was daringly erected on a 13th century spire - quite extraordinarily inspired - reaching up to the sky.

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